Looking for top gamers in India? The Gaming Industry has seen an upward trajectory in growth for a while now and now, due to the Covid-19 pandemic its growing faster than ever, in double digits. Gone are the days when gaming was considered a time-waste.

When phrases like, “You’ll go nowhere”, “Gaming all day won’t feed you” and many more cliched ones. Professional gaming is a serious profession now. Gamers are earning loads of money by streaming and participating in competitive gaming events. Top gamers in India even raking in lakhs per month as salary by various companies who have dedicated department of gamers.

Fifa e-Worldcup Live event

In this article we take a look at the top Indian gamers who have made a mark in the Indian as well as mobile gaming industry. We talk about what separates them from the thousands of other gamers out there as well as what one can do if they wish to decide a career in the field of online gaming in India.

Team SouL wins PUBG Mobile India series 2019

Our pick for the Top Gamers in India

The online gaming industry alone has raised over $350 million dollars between 2014-2020. The entire Indian gaming industry is projected to be worth over $3,750 million dollars by 2024 with a growth rate of 41% due to country’s expanding digital infrastructure. There are thousands of Indian gaming channel of both professional and amateur top 10 gamers in india running live streams on YouTube and Facebook. Some of them include the top Indian gamers like Mortal, CarryMinati, Dynamo Gaming among others.

The most iconic picture summing up LAN gaming. Source: Internet

Competitive gaming is not new. College level multiplayer gaming has dominated engineering campuses around India since the launch of Counter Strike. Meters of LAN cables running through dorms across halls connecting 32 players who go Terrorist vs Counter Terrorist in this legacy game. Although, small amount of tournament money was involved it was more for the spirit of being the best gamer.

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For someone looking out to go pro, India has multiple entry points for competitive gaming or get noticed by a brand looking out to sponsor gamers. We have micro online gaming leagues with prize money ranging from a few hundred to thousand rupees to major pan-India and global events like PUBG Mobile series championship where the prize pool goes upto over a crore. Our top pick for Top Indian Gamers are:

top 10 gamers in india
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Aaditya Sawant aka Dynamo Gaming is one of the most popular Indian gamers out there. Amassing 8.64 million subscribers on his YouTube channel he is easily one of the most recognized names in Indian gaming community as well as Indian gamers on YouTube. He tends to play online multiplayer games but one of his favourites is PUBG Mobile. His streaming videos on YouTube are usually over an hour long. He is also very fond of GTA V which is one of the most popular games out there launched back in 2014.

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Naman aka MortaL needs no introduction. He is possibly the best Indian gamer when it comes to PUBG mobile. He has represented India as part of Team SouL in PUBG competition globally. Apart being a gaming enthusiast and streamer, he is a competitive gamer. He is one of top Indian gamers on YouTube with a subscriber base of 6.21 million. He actively uploads PUBG streams but also is an active Call of Duty streamer. His recent video with Tiger Shroff for Call of Duty Mobile garnered over 2.6 million views on YouTube.

top gamer
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He needs no introduction. CarryMinati is a household name. Infact, he is India’s biggest Youtuber with a subscriber base of a massive 25.6 million subscribers on his main account and 7.52 million subscribers on his gaming stream account CarryisLive. He was also one of the first Indian Youtuber to start live stream while playing. He is popularly known for his comedy bits where he started out with roasting during streams and amassed a cult base amongst his followers. He is also one of richest Indian youtubers earning over a million dollars with brand endorsements, ads among others. Gamer at heart, he still games and streams live game on his account Carryislive.

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Gareebooo is another popular Indian youtuber with 1.14 million subscribers. Managed by Kunal Saraf who hails from Kolkata. Apart from his impressive gaming skill he is known for his sarcastic tone. Gurugamer.com reports that he apparently shifted from Kolkata to Mumbai due to ping problem. This just goes to show how dedicated he is into his professional streaming career. His favourite game where he demonstrates his impeccable skill is in the Online multiplayer RPG game, PUBG.

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An Indian-Canadian Youtuber, Harnit Khatri runs his YouTube channel by the name of Gunshot. He is an interesting addition to our list because apart from streaming and PUBG he plays a variety of popular competitive games like CS:GO, CoD, Dota 2 among others. He brought Indian gaming industry to global recognition when he represented Indian Call of Duty to MLG final in 2015 when Indian Gaming Industry was that active on a global stage. He currently has 268K subscribers on his YouTube channels and manages to actively stream as he completes his degree in a Canadian University.

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Ankit Panth needs no introduction. He as successfully carved his name as a professional gamer in Counter Strike: Global Offense through hard work. Not only gaming, he has also established himself in the fitness industry. He hails from Mumbai and is an Indian YouTuber who goes by the channel Ankit Panth and alias V3nom. He is a Redbull athlete and also a brand ambassador for Intel and Alienware. He has founded several gaming teams since he began playing Counter Strike 1.6 in 2006. He serves as an inspiration to many Indian gamers who wish to go professional with their gaming career.

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Chetan Chandgude is an Indian Youtuber who runs the channel Kronten Gaming with a subscriber base of 2 million. He is an avid gamer/streamer and plays games like  Counter Strike, GTA Vice City, Dota2, PS4  before playing PUBG Mobile. Kronten  Started PUBG Mobile online in early 2018 and gained 100K subscribers on his channel after that. He continued streaming on  PUBG Mobile game with quality gameplay, which was the starting point of his channel growth. Later, his channel blew up! Earlier this year, his team Godlike qualified for PUBG Mobile world league.

8. Saransh Jain

Source: redbull.com

The 18 year-old Saransh Jain is India’s newest FIFA sensation. Hailing from Pune, he has a lot of accomplishments under his belt in mere 2 and a half years of professional gaming. According to him, he decided to play it professionally when he entered a local tournament and ended up winning it. He won the tournament hosted by Virtual Bundesliga in India and represented India in Germany. Apart from that he has won a lot of other competitions in India and aims to be the best FIFA player in Asia at the moment.

9. Aditya Singh Nathawat aka Spammy

Source: redbull.com

One of India’s top Fornite player, Aditya Singh Nathawat is an Indian gamer goes by his alias Spammy on twitch and has a huge following on this online streaming platform. His interest in gaming started when he started playing Counter Strike in internet cafes. He likes to play Dota 2, Fornite and World of Warcraft. He plays Fornite professionally and his current goals include increasing subscriber base of his YouTube channel and train hard for World Fornite Series.

10. Abhijeet Andhare aka Ghatak Gaming

Source: gurugamer.com

Abhijeet Andhare is a popular Indian gamer on YouTube who runs his channel Ghatak Gaming which as 367K subscribers as of now. He is part of TSM-Entity’s PUBG Mobile roster and led their team as team leader into PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMOC) Fall Split 2019 South Asia. He is a professional PUBG player and has conquered many tournaments and trophies in the field of competitive gaming. His streams are usually an hour long and watched by hundreds of thousands of players from across the world who are in awe of his skills.

11. Prateek aka Alpha Clasher

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Another big name in the Indian Youtuber community is Prateek hailing from Mumbai who runs a YouTube channel called Alpha Clasher with a subscriber base of 1.2 million. His gaming content is unique and interesting to watch. That pretty much justifies his high subscriber base. He started his YouTube channel back in 2015 with the game Clash Royal and amassed a subscriber base of 10,000. From there he has come a long way. He also joined Dynamo’s Hydra clan and switched to playing PUBG using emulator and streaming it live.

12. Rony Das Gupta aka The RawKnee Games

indian gamers
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Rony Das Gupta is a star in his own right. He is an Indian gamer who runs the YouTube channel The RawKnee Games which as a subscriber base of 2.04 million subscribers. He is one of the oldest players in the community. Starting streaming career 10 years ago in 2010 with his main channel The RawKnee Show which gained him immense praise and popularly for the entertaining content he created, he has come a long way. He streams using his gaming channel The RawKnee Games. His commentary during PUBG tournaments is a delight to watch. He primarily streams PUBG mobile and is one of the best players out there.

13. Mohammed Owais Lakhani aka Octo Owais

top gamers in india
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Another popular Indian gamer, Octo Owais was also the part of the winning team of PUBG Mobile India series in 2019 with team SouL. He has switched his team to Fnatic Mobile team now. He is a professional PUBG player and runs his own YouTube Channel called Octo Owais which has 564K subscribers. He has impressive stats and was one of the key reasons SouL team won the 2019 PUBG Mobile India series. He has earned the title of Octopus as he plays PUBG Mobile with eight fingers.

14. Balaji Ramnarayan aka BlizzarD

indian gaming channel
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Balaji Ramnarayan aka BlizzarD is a professional DOTA 2 player and is one of the highest earner of online gaming tournaments prize money in India. He turned professional in 2016 and has won the ESL India Premiership award 6 times! His total earnings are approximated at 24,000$ from the tournaments he took part in throughout his professional gaming career.

15. Ajay aka Ajju Bhai aka Total Gaming

indian gamers on youtube
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Saving the best for the last, Total Gaming is the most subscribed Indian Gaming YouTube Channel in India with a subscriber base of over 12.8 million and Total Gaming Live with 3.5 million. Ajju bhai live streams the popular battle royale game called Freefire. He hails from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He maybe the most subscribed Indian gaming Youtuber, but professionally he is a software engineer, a freelancer and a Growth Hacker. He has one of the most loyal fanbase which was very evident during his battle Total Gaming v/s Gyan Gaming. He started his channel in 2018 and amassed such a huge following and cult status in very little time. He regularly streams other popular games like GTA V.

The Indian Gaming community has picked up momentum and is the fastest growing in the world. India is on a cusp of a Digital Revolution and gaming industry seems to have taken the most advantage of it. Gaming as a career is not just rewarding but fulfilling. For many millennials, it’s a dream come true. Apart from earning a living through prize money and working as professional gamers, this elite community of gamers also enjoy a high fan following on social media which allows them to receive multiple sponsorship and endorsement offers. So much so that we now have a dedicated category when it comes to Influencer marketing as Gaming Influencers.

YouTubers like Carryislive, MortaL and Dynamo Gaming receive tons of endorsements and for brands looking out for endorsements, they reach out to them through Influencer Marketing agencies out there. The top influencer marketing platforms in India help these brands connect with thousands of such influencers for a mutual collaboration which serves as a bountiful revenue stream for influencers as well as brand positioning and engagement for brands. Top Gamers in India enjoy the kind of life every gamer in this country dream of. But only few making it to the top through sheer hardwork and skill.