Two years after the merger of service, Vodafone and Idea launched their integrated brand identity Vi. The new Vi brand integration with its tagline, Together for Tomorrow, closely follows the purpose of their merger.

As said by the MD of Vodafone Idea, “The Brand Integration marks the largest telecom merger. It has also set us on our future journey to world-class digital experiences to over 1 Billion Indians on our strong 4G network.”

As reported, VI is now leaner and agile. The deployment of many 5G architecture principles leads to transformation into a future-fit digital network to cater to customer needs.

Some key points about the Vi brand integration, its purpose, and its launch:

  1. The new brand launch signifies passion and commitment to be a Champion for Digital India. 
  2. The punctuation of the letter “i” in Vi is with a bold mustard dot. It is confident, surprising, and delightful. It reflects the throbbing and progressive pulse of India.
  3. The company launched the brand identity in the first week of September. A high decibel intensive multi-media campaign followed the launch.
  4. The brand aims to connect India on a larger scale. 1.2 Bn Indians accessing voice and data services at the world’s lowest tariffs across 5 lakh villages, India’s ubiquitous wireless network is unparalleled for its impact on people’s lives.

The Big Launch and its Impact:

The brand has set a sea of teasers and advertisements throughout social media and TVC commercials as a part of their aggressive brand strategy. They went ahead and became the co-presenting sponsor of Indian Premiere League (IPL) 2020 along with Dream 11. The move came as part of their brand campaign to help strengthen customer confidence in the brand as well as boost brand awareness. In an attempt to put up a fight against Jio and Airtel capitalizing on Vi’s tumbling market share, With the Vi brand integration, Vodafone-Idea has decided to go ahead with this aggressive branding campaign shows that the board has faith in the telco and are ready to set aside huge sums of capital to prove the same.

How Market reacted:

Coming to market reaction, Shares of Vodafone Idea (VIL) rose as much as 10 percent to Rs 13.21 on the BSE on Monday. The stock hit its 15-month high of Rs 13.45 in Friday’s intra-day trade. It rallied 75 percent from its intra-day low of Rs 7.69, shot on September 1. Aftermarket hours on Friday, VIL had announced fundraising of Rs 15,000 crore of equity and debt instruments, each with aggregate quantum capped at Rs 25,000 crore. The fundraising plan and the rebranding are indeed sending out a strong signal that it will be around, possibly for years to come.

The Stakes and the Shares:

Vodafone Idea is owned by Vodafone plc and the Aditya Birla group. Vodafone has a 44.39 percent shareholding in the JV, while the Aditya Birla Group holds 27.66 percent. The two partners have equal control over the board. The merger agreement suggests the Birla can buy an additional 9.5 percent from Vodafone to equalize their stakes.

Rebranding for a middle ground

The Vi brand integration was overdue. Vodafone deflected a sophisticated, upmarket brand, while Idea spoke to a more rustic, lower-middle one. Their merger necessitated a new avatar. This rebranding is about reforming corporate compulsions. Vodafone Idea is not Vodafone. Neither is it an Idea. This is a new brand animal requiring a unique angle for the brand.