If someone googled, Fitness Influencers India a few years ago, they would probably get a search result of top bodybuilders from the country or perhaps models with ripped bodies. In contrast to today, when you google Fitness Influencers India, Google will return you a list of people who are not only people with ripped bodies but also regular people, nutritionists, models, doctors, actors and so on. It would be a list of people who happen to be popular for spreading the true meaning of fitness. So, what really changed? When you think about it, the meaning of fitness changed drastically over the past couple of years.

Fitness Influencers India

From being associated with the physical peak of body, the true meaning of fitness changed to healthy living, eating healthy, improving immunity, living healthy and happy. As the meaning of fitness took a new form so did the marketing around it. People no longer associate Fitness with only our body’s physical peak but our mental and physical well being as a whole. The body positivity movement started by popular Indian Fitness Bloggers and adopted by the people rocked our world not so long ago, contributing a great bit in making people understand that fitness doesn’t just mean physical but is an overall state of oneself.

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Who are fitness influencers in India?

If you are searching for top Indian fitness Influencers, the Fitness & Wellness industry is a great example to notice this dynamic shift.

Within a few years, the Indian Fitness Industry has been a historic rise in fitness & wellness related companies and product. Especially in urban areas, the movement is quite strong. The front runners of this change were Indian Fitness Bloggers and Indian Fitness Instagram influencers who took the idea of healthy living to great new heights.

Now we are seeing this strange cultural fit where people want to live healthy, eat healthily and even encourage fitness even though it comes at a premium. Various Instagram Influencers have contributed a great bit to this movement. Let’s take a look at some of India’s leading fitness and wellness influencers and how they are motivating the country to live a healthier life.

So, here is the list of top Fitness Influencers in India:

Fitness Influencers India

ACSM certified trainer, sports nutritionist and ace runner Mishti Khatri is the daughter of comedian Atul Khatri and is motivation thousands of her followers to go out and run for a healthier lifestyle. At 24, she is on top of her game. Her Instagram profile is full of inspirational posts that will motivate you to clock in your first run today if you haven’t already. She shares helpful posts from time to time to communicate the benefits of exercising and even techniques one can use to get started. She is one of the rising star influencers in her rights and connects with her crowd engagingly.

top Indian fitness Influencer

Popularly known as VJ Bani is an Indian Fitness Model, actress and former presenter for MTV India. Although she has been a popular name for years, she became a household name post her success in the hit web series Four More Shots! Where she plays a fitness trainer Umang Singh which compliments her real-life persona of being a fitness model and influencer. She has over a million followers on Instagram where anyone can see how much hard work, she has put to get those perfectly toned abs. She is one of the top Indian fitness influencers driving this fitness revolution in the country.

fitness influencers in India

YouTuber, Fitness Influencer, Motivator, Entrepreneur there are just not enough accolades to describe this amazing person who has been motivating millions of Indians to stay fit and healthy through his YouTube and Instagram channel. He speaks about the challenges he faced and the benefits that can come in pursuit of living a healthy life with daily workouts and eating healthy. He is one of the oldest Influencers who are still active in the Indian social media space. He seems to have been always staying ahead of the algorithm as can be seen by the level of engagement he brings to the table. All of this makes him one of the must-follow influencers on this list.

fitness Influencer in India

Who doesn’t know her? An actress, model, fitness icon, mother, anchor and so on. Mandira Bedi has done it all and all while looking in on top of her fitness game for decades. It’s almost impossible to believe that she is 48 years old. One could comfortably say that the key to her evergreen beauty and fitness is her dedication to staying fit both physically and mentally. This is very evident with only one visit to her Instagram page. She is followed by over 1.2 million people and Instagram alone and there is a very good reason for that. She is a fitness icon and a living proof of the phrase that age is nothing but a number.

female fitness Influencer in India

She is one of the most recognized people in the country today. An actress turned Entrepreneur, Shilpa Shetty takes her fitness very seriously. A Fitness Influencer icon, she is the one who made Yoga popular with the masses again. She is arguably the most effective Fitness Influencers India has, with a gigantic 18 million-plus followers on Instagram alone. She spreads the benefits of Yoga through her Instagram profile and one could also find her Quick Fix Yoga videos on YouTube and learn from them effortlessly.

Influencer fitness

No one gets the true meaning of fitness and wellness across better than Natasha. She is a popular Indian Fitness Instagram Influencer whose wholesome Instagram page would make you learn to accept your own body. She truly communicates what it means to be fit both mentally and physically by often posting uplifting content. One can also learn Yoga by following up with her regularly on Instagram. With over 250,000 followers and counting on Instagram, she is one of the most wholesome fitness influencers who teaches you the true meaning of fitness in her quirky way.

male fitness influencer

An Indian Fitness & Youth Icon, Sahil Khan is a recipient of Rajiv Gandhi award for India’s Fitness Icon and an Instagram Follower base of over 6 million people and YouTube subscriber base of over 2 million. Along with being a Fitness Influencer, he is also a Fitness Entrepreneur owning one of the most recognized gym franchises in India. He has been an avid fitness fanatic giving people fitness goals during his acting career by being at his peak of physical fitness in movies he played. He is also associated with a couple of great performing fitness brands and enterprises.

fitness influencer in India

Going by her Instagram handle Yogasini, Radhika is one of the fasted rising fitness influencers India has seen. She is an avid traveller and her Instagram account gives us a good glimpse of how much he loves her craft. Her account is filled with a lot of informative content for anyone who wishes to walk on the path of attaining fitness naturally through Yoga. During the lockdown, her Fitness Challenges made a lot of buzzes encouraging people across the country to stay fit and healthy even when they are stuck at their homes without any workout equipment.

best female fitness influencer in India

An Indian Fitness Influencer who firmly believes in a result-oriented approach. Shivangi is one of the most determined Fitness Influencer India has to offer. She is one of the best people to follow if you truly want to get fit. What’s special about her is she assess the teaching as a learner which allows her to put herself in place of the learner and plan workout accordingly. She is a certified trainer and a highly qualified one. One can see her determination and passion for fitness which is visible through her Instagram account.

best male fitness influencer in India

Mann is a certified advanced fitness trainer with an Instagram following of close to 1.5 million people. He is the guy you follow if you want tips when you hit the gym as he’s got plenty on his page. Apart from being a top of the line fitness Influencer India, he is also a nutrition specialist and likes to bust open food intake myths through his Instagram account too. He is also associated with #FitIndia movement spreading awareness about hazards and risk of unhealthy eating.

best fitness Influencer male

A Tollywood star celebrity, a former Mr Asia (2015) and Mr World (2015), Singh is a seasoned bodybuilder. A man of many talents, Singh’s Instagram feed is a treat for someone looking for a mixed bag of fitness routines which include dabbing into territories of martial arts, gym, dance among others for his 1.5 million followers. He is a must-follow Indian Fitness Instagram influencer if you are keen on learning more about fitness without cost.

top female fitness influencer in India

Ayesha is a track athlete and that too, a damn good one. She is the captain of Adidas Runners Mumbai and also associated with Under Armour. She is a running and movement specialist inspiring people of Mumbai to run for fitness. She is also the author of a complete mind and body fitness book called Run. She is one of the most prolific Indian Fitness Bloggers when it comes to motivating people to stay fit and her almost 100,000 followers on Instagram is proof that the only way for her to go is upwards from here.

fitness models in India

Her road to fitness hasn’t been easy. According to reports, it took her a while to recover from a spinal injury she suffered in 1998. She lost hope to ever walk again until she developed a healing technique which made her believe again. She is an Indian Fitness Blogger who has travelled all over the world inspiring thousands of people to stay fit and healthy. A yoga teacher by profession, she is a mother too and aces all her responsibilities with utmost determination.

She is the first Indian woman to win the International Physique Athlete Miss World title. A fitness icon and inspiration to many, Shweta is an Indian Fitness Instagram Influencer and a wellness coach. She is a rock when it comes to the discipline it takes to achieve peak fitness physique. She advises her Instagram followers to find discipline and try to stick to a routine that suits them. According to her, the only way to achieve peak fitness is to stay focused and disciplined.

One look through her Instagram feed can make anyone jealous. Maulika is an Indian Fitness Instagram Influencer, personal trainer and a nutritionist with an avid interest in fitness and wellness. She goes by the Instagram name @thegirlwithabs which is the case here. She is disciplined and quirky and her client testimonial and before-after pictures tell us how good she is with her craft and training. Her physique is fitness goals for thousands of her followers.

The current trend

Fitness isn’t just reserved for people who can afford it. Now it’s up for the taking for anyone who wishes to get fit and all that is possible because of the amazing content creators who make it possible for people to access tips and tricks to get fit. The number of Fitness Influencers India has is growing exponentially by the day. Thousands of micro-influencers serve as an inspiration for thousands of people who wish to live a healthier life. However, an infinite number of contents cannot make anyone healthy, it does require a healthy dose of discipline which is required to get somewhere and be whom we want to be. As the famous saying goes, “The Change Starts with us”.