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Emily Feld is a model and social media personality from Australia who is best known on Instagram for her lovely modelling shots. The star, born on the Gold Coast in Australia, has become a popular face for Michael Murchie Photography. For modelling exposure, she has signed with Que Models.


Emily Feld was born on the Gold Coast of Australia on April 17, 2003. She was brought up in the Queensland hinterland of the Gold Coast. Among the four siblings, Emily is the youngest: she has two brothers and two sisters.

Not much is known about Emily’s family life and childhood, apart from that.

Emily has more than 855,000 followers on Instagram, 13,000 Facebook members, 21,000 YouTube subscribers and 14,000 TikTok followers as of September 2020.

At a young age, Emily began her career as a fashion model and grew to fame by sharing modelling shots on her social media site. Emily has been a popular face for Michael Murchie Photography since then.

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