The digital push that followed the Corona-virus pandemic isn’t something we haven’t seen before. As people are forced to stay in and office space are getting less occupied, we’re witnessing brands forced to go digital in order to survive.

Back in 2003, when Alibaba was on its way to launch its Online Market platform for customers, China was hit by the SARS pandemic typically bad. It was a make or break moment for Alibaba that was still at a nascent stage. Its decision to allow workers to work from home to keep their platform running which now we popularly call Work From Home was a bold step at that time and boy it paid off! The fear of stepping out and contracting the virus transcended the fear of shopping online in people’s mind as they shifted to online shopping. Fast-forwarding a few years later Alibaba is one of the most successful e-commerce companies out there raking over 6 billion dollars in profits!

However, the current pandemic is of a scale that has never been seen in modern history and the internet is a much bigger place than it used to be. Customers have been online for a few years now and they are comfortable with it. The issue at hand for brands is not going online but being seen online. Millions of search results, websites, ads have flooded the internet and it has become rather important to stand out among this crowded space which isn’t an easy task.

When it comes to increasing online presence the word ‘Digital Marketing’ is synonymous with almost every answer but off-late it isn’t enough. We have moved a step further towards AI & data-driven approach as the internet is generating a gigantic amount of data with every passing second. How we put that data to our benefit is a different story altogether.

A great example of a cross-over between digital marketing and data-driven approach is influencer marketing platforms. Wobb is one such platform but more on that later. These platforms simplify the process for brands to reach their targeted audience through links of thousands of micro and macro influencers across borders and platforms while costing them just a fraction of traditional ads and serving them with priceless data-based insights that too, in real-time!

Data is the key to all the links that we have not made yet and as they say,

“ With great data comes the need for more sophisticated algorithm-driven software and programmes to generate accurate insights and insights while balancing the SEO keywords in content, generating leads using crawlers, tapping into insights with Ad Sense while deciding the right course between affiliate and influencer marketing which will have a grave impact on the kind of insights we get ”

Getting confusing?

Don’t worry, that’s where we come in. Simplifying them for you and discussing the relevant parts and how it can be particularly used to boost your business online and we will be crisp, concise and to the point!

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