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Top Facebook Influencers in India
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Top Youtube Influencers in India 

1. Bhuvan Bham  On the 20th of June, 2015, appeared BB Ki Vines that dropped an assortment of 20 recordings. With characters got from subjects that are of tremendous open intrigue, for example, ‘gooey connections’ to featuring how wretchedness happens in fellowship. Which primarily got…

Top Instagram Influencers in India

Top Instagram Influencers in India 

1. Aashna Shroff Since childhood Aashna has grown up in a Bollywood. Environment and had done photoshoots as her mother was an active member of the industry. In November 2013, she introduced a page, The Snob Journal on the internet which started to grow quite…

How to measure ROI of influencer marketing

How to Measure the ROI of Influencer Marketing? 

Any influencer marketing to be effective must be authentic and trustworthy. Influencer marketing leverages everyday people who are trusted by their audiences and have the ability to move them to action. Influencer Marketing Return on Investment (ROI)  is simply understanding your returns against the investment…

What is Influencer Marketing

What is Influencer Marketing? 

With the rise of online social networks, influence has been a fancy and subtle force to control users’ behaviors and relationship formation. Therefore, Influencer marketing is gaining more importance in today’s marketing campaign. Let’s understand the fundamentals of influencer marketing and its current status in…

How to get more (real) Instagram followers

How to Get More (Real!) Instagram followers? 

  Cross-Promote For Influencers: Check the image below; chances are you have seen this before on your Instagram wall. Influencers getting clicked together and tagging one another on social media are not new. It’s highly effective to introduce your fellow Influencers to your audience and…

Top 7 food bloggers in india


‘A Recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the Recipe’. The famous quote is the working mantra for almost all successful & passionate food bloggers. Here below is the list of Top Food Bloggers in India (irrespective of the order)-…

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